Learn All About Body Marbling

Body Marbling is a new way to add Face and Body Paints to your body Parts. Using this method of applying Paints results in stunning and unique marbled effect  on your body.

No two designs look the same.

Body Marbling with Face n Body Paint
Body Marbling with Face n Body Paint

This method of Body Marbling also requires more work than simply Painting the colors on your skin.

The most spectacular type of Body Marbling is when specially manufactured Black light reactive Face and Body Paints are used.

Using normal Face and body Paints do not work.

Achieving good results will require practice and patience.

A rough guide on how to apply the Body Marbling Paints to your arms is;

  1. First you will dip your arms into a pre treatment solution and allow to dry.
  2. Next your dip your arms into the prepared Body Marbling Paints. Upon removal of your arms from the Paints will reveal the spectacular marbled effect.
  3. Next you will need to wash off any excess from the second step and allow the Painted skin to dry.

Where to uses these Marbled Paints

  • In the U.S.A. these Paints are becoming very popular at Festivals.
  • At larger home Glow Parties this would add great effect.
  • Larger night clubs
  • Other large gathering of People.

Practice makes perfect

Even though this technique can result in stunning results, be warned this type of adding Paints to your body is not simple.

You will need to learn how to know when the correct amounts of the specific ingredients is correct, otherwise poor results will be likely.

Using any old face and body Paints or other chemical will almost certainly fail.

When new information becomes available we will add it here. We will also add some nice Photos

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